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Paper Stones business cards


Paper Stones are business cards for Skagit Peers. Website, email and Phone

Leave the card with a neighbor, ask them to join Skagit Peers listen to the Story to Save Skagit for our children’s future,

Skagit Peers Parent $100


Skagit Peers Parent

Help Skagit Peers to grow into a large enough group that we can insure for our children that Skagit county will be restored to a constitutional government for their future! Their are no administration fees deducted from your contributions. Donate what you can often and volunteer your time for our children’s freedom sake!

$100.00 contributions

U.S. Constitution


The U.S. Pocket constitution is handy, small enough for your pocket or purse, Easy to read. This booklet is free, one to a person in the meetings. For a donation of $5.00 we ship it to you post paid.

Skagit Peers endorses Kevin Ewing for Sheriff