Constitutional Sheriff, Skagit Peers, Saving Skagit County for our Children’s Future & Kevin Ewing

Skagit Peers Kevin Ewing

Skagit Peers nominated Kevin Ewing for Sheriff

In order to have a more perfect union, we believe that all of our rights including but not limited to, the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, guaranteed by the constitution should be preserved for our children and their children yet to be born in Skagit county.

We believe these rights can be protected by a constitutional sheriff that is the supreme executive law official in our county, shielding our rights from local, state or federal employees that would attempt to slowly chisel away at the rights that are our heritage, our legacy and our promise by the constitution.

Kevin Ewing, supporter of Children;

Born 1-12-61
El Sobrante, CA
Sedro-Woolley High School

Skagit Peer Constitutional

Lives in Mount Vernon, Washington

Candidate for Constitutional Sheriff Skagit County,

Sponsored by Skagit Peers,

Skagit Peers for our children, 

Skagit County resident, 57 years

Skagit Peer,



Skagit Peers

Skagit Peers we the people


a contractor,

constitutionalist, the blueprint, our rights, our guarantee, our promise to live free, the constitution is all of that. If the constitution was good enough for the first 234 years, then it is a requirement from here on!


most of all Kevin Ewing is an American!