We the people wrote the Constitution. It Provides the Sheriff the lawful authority to form a posse comitatus (power of the county) to suppress lawlessness or defend the county.

  1. The sheriff has the authority to have as many posse members as he or she determines is needed.
  2. From this formation of peers, any member can be deputized on a moment’s notice.
  3. From these peers, a jury will be selected.
  4. We hope to have 1100 Peers by November 30, 2021.
  5. If you desire to have a Constitutional Sheriff in Skagit County, help us recruit 4400 Peer members who want to preserve their children’s freedom here in Skagit county.

Eventually, a jury will be chosen from the Peers of the People.

NO, the government has no jurisdiction in your commerce. They have no contract with you. Open and close as your Constitutional Right lawfully dictates.

BE AWARE: If you get a notice of violation, Be sure and answer the notice in a timely matter. Know what TACIT CONSENT is and avoid with an answer of denial! Help is available.

“I believe this county has been divided by partisans for over 100 years.. I represent, We the people”, my peers, neighbors and all inhabitants of Skagit County. We will not be able to restore this county to a free county for our children, unless we bond together as We the People for the common goal of saving this place for our children. We have been deceived by politicians. Therefore I am a Peer of the People, of the NO Party, dedicated to saving our children! Power back to the People.”

  1. HIPPA Laws, (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), HITECH Act (Section 13410(e) (1) & ADA (American Disabilities Act Title III, make it illegal to inquire of a person their specific health reasons for objecting to mask wearing.
  2. The private business has a legal Classification as a “public accommodation” according to federal law. Title III Reg 28 CFR §36.106,
  3. Federal law 28 CFR §36.202, prohibits “denial of participation” by business
  4. Title III §36.202(a)(b)(c) and 36.203(a)(b)(c) states you shall not be denied same and equal access as everyone else. You may not be served separately.
  5. The business is prohibited from unlawful discrimination by denying access to a member of the public not disturbing the peace. If they discriminate against you they commit the crime of false imprisonment.
  6. If the premises is open to the public and they file trespass against you, it is false accusation.