A Forensic Election Audit is a Right of We the People

  Skagit Peers declare a forensic audit is needed to purify voter rolls and voting procedures. Washington Election Integrity Coalition United, WEiCU pronounced (We See You) is a Washington state non-profit, comprised of election integrity investigators, data analytic specialists, and cyber security experts. We are proud to join forces with other election integrity groups who…

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Skagit Peer Constitutional

FYI Know Your Elected county Commissioner Officials

Kevin Ewing says, For your information, Know your County Commissioner. This page is dedicated to County commissioners of Skagit county. Skagit county has three elected commissioners: The other 7 elected positions will be addressed in future posts. Ron Wesen, District 1 Peter Browning, District 2 Lisa Janicki, District 3 Skagit county Washington has three county…

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SSkagit Peers Grandparents

Skagit Peers Message from the Founder

To all Skagit Peers, Here is a personal message from the founder Kevin Ewing, about why you need to attend the Skagit Peers meeting Tuesday night. There will be no guest speaker, Tuesday night is all about Kevin Ewing, answering your questions. Skagit Peers will meet at: Eagles Club Tuesday July 13th 6:30 PM 1000…

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Skagit Peers We the People

Skagit Peers, Who Are they

  Skagit Peers is a movement Not a Campaign. Skagit Peers are: • We the People of the constitution, • Nonpartisan, • A Grassroots movement, • Parents, • Grandparents, • Aunts, • Uncles, • Neighbors, • Relatives, • Friends, • Concerned about the rights and liberties of everyone in Skagit county, offering our combined votes…

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Skagit Peers Known on Front Street

Skagit Peers Debut on Front Street Skagit Peers, a nonpartisan grassroots movement are “We the People” of the Supreme Law of the Land! Remember, ‘We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure…

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Skagit Peers Kevin Ewing

Skagit Peers nominates Kevin Ewing for constitutional Sheriff

Skagit Peers nominates Kevin Ewing for constitutional Sheriff of Skagit County. Tuesday night June 29, 2021, the Skagit Peers of Skagit county convened to establish a nonpartisan group of neighbors, friends and relatives committed to restoring Skagit county back to a constitutional governed county. Skagit Peers are Skagit voters that believe, “If the constitution was…

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Skagit Peers for Feedom

Skagit Peers of Skagit County

Skagit Peers is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement of neighbors, friends and relatives identified as “We the People” committed to the restoration of Skagit county to a constitutionally governed county.   The Mission statement of Skagit Peers is to nominate all oath taking officials that will execute their duties and office constitutionally without endangering, denying or…

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Skagit Peers badge

Peers of the People

Peers of the People are We the People of the United States, these are probably the most well known group of words from the Constitution that have ever been recited. We the People were ordinary people made up of neighbors, friends and relatives that banded together for protection. We the People are a family! We…

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