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Skagit Peers are “We the People” standing for

 your rights of Life, Liberty and Freedom. We will restore these rights and the pursuit of happiness for our children in Skagit county!

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Skagit Peer Helper $5-$15
Skagit Peer Nurturer $20-$80
Skagit Peer Parent $100-$1000-$5000
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Thank you for supporting our efforts to help defend the residents of the Skagit County by educating every voter, including the seven oath taking official positions of the sheriff, commissioners(3), Treasurer, Prosecuting Attorney, Assessor, Auditor, and Clerk. This education helps to increase liberty in Washington State.

Your contributions are used to educate your neighbors, sheriff, public officials, peace officers and citizens on their constitutional mandate to protect the rights and Liberty of the people.

Your contributions help the vet any oath taking official in Skagit county so we know before the next election if they are going to or have been officiating by the constitution. Will they attempt to support laws that are not passed by the state or national legislature or will they say, “NO NOT IN OUR COUNTY!”