Kevin Ewing nominated for Constitutional Sheriff by Skagit Peers! Kevin Ewing brings a constitutional direction to the position of Skagit county sheriff.

Skagit Peers Kevin Ewing

Skagit Peers nominated Kevin Ewing for Sheriff

Skagit Peers of Skagit county, a nonpartisan group of neighbors, friends and relatives committed to restoring Skagit county back to a constitutional governed county, nominated Kevin Ewing for Constitutional sheriff of Skagit County, June 29th 2021.

Kevin Ewing has spent over 30 years studying laws and the paths that insure our constitutional rights. He has raised his family here in Skagit county and is a hard-working businessman that is dedicated to restoring Skagit county to a constitutional government that supports We the People.

Kevin Ewing has served our country, he is a father, a grandfather, a businessman, a firefighter, a constitutionalist and an American!

At his nomination, Kevin Ewing replied, “First and foremost when I offer my life instead of yours that you may live in a Free Skagit County, I can’t get any more serious than that!

2nd I said if you had someone more committed than me, trot them out, if they pass the Skagit Peers Vetting, then I would step aside and give them my support.

Just to clarify this forever, I MIGHT NOT BE #1 but I am way ahead of the guy who could hold second place! I’m in this for the victory, heart, body and soul!

Skagit Peers are Skagit voters that believe,

“If the constitution was good enough 234 years ago, Then it is a requirement from now on!”

Kevin Ewing announced that our children are our hope for tomorrow and our DUTY is to allow them to inherit the same rights and privileges that we did.

Skagit Peers Children

Skagit Peers children’s-freedom

Kevin Ewing believes this movement, Skagit Peers, was started on for and on behalf of the children of Skagit County.
That mission to save Skagit County for our Children’s future will never change!

Mr. Ewing claims the local, state and federal officials continue to abuse their authority, violate their oaths of office, infringing and threatening the loss of some of our rights that are guaranteed by the state and National constitutions.

Kevin Ewing supports the Skagit Peers movement and promises;

Skagit Peers

Skagit Peers we the people

To grow the movement,
• To restore the way we vote,
• To preserve our second amendment,
• To prevent oath taking officials from illegally legislating laws,
• To educate our children and parents in our historical guarantee of rights and privileges.
Kevin Ewing asks every person in Skagit Valley the same question, concerning who is interested in the preservation of our children’s Future Freedom, Liberty and Rights,”Today I ask you, “If not you for your children now, then WHO? & When?”

Become a Skagit Peer today. Stand up for our children, before they fall for anything!

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