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Unvax the Vax

Vax-away the Covid shot

Part 3

Can you Unvax the Vax if you took the COVID-19 injection?

Reference and Info Page

In Part 1 & Part 2, I shared discoveries made by researchers at La Quinta Columna (see Orwell City’s translation) who found graphene oxide found in Covid “vaccines”, masks and Covid tests. Here is a quick summary, along with a recommended nutrition protocol for people who received the injections and need to neutralize the graphene oxide in the body.

Herbalist Charter

Healthcare Choice Is A Right Secured by Common Law

Graphene Oxide (GO) discoveries:
• GO fibres are in plastic masks.
• GO fibres are on PCR test swabs.
• GO is in all Covid-19 vaccines.
• GO creates thromboses.
• GO causes blood clots.
• GO disrupts the immune system.
• GO can trigger a cytokine storm.
• GO toxicity can instigate pneumonia.
• GO creates a metallic taste in the mouth.
• GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes.
• GO produces a loss in the sense of taste and smell.
• GO is magnetic (especially at the injection site.)
• GO blocks detoxification in the body by blocking glutathione.
• GO may be activated by 5G frequencies.
• GO was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019.
• GO passes thru the blood-brain barrier.
So graphene oxide can act as a solo trigger for most COVID symptoms. This is not a VIRUS or spike protein, but a chemical warfare agent.
Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate Graphene Oxide (Urgent for all who were injected with the “Covid vaccine”)
This nutrition protocol is a compilation shared by experts, including David Wolfe.
1. Quercetin: Quercetin works like HCQ. One of its mechanism of action is that it blocks the ‘virus’ (with spikes around it) from attaching. These two supplements will help with spike protein damage and apply to most organs of the body but not all.
2. Ivermectin Alternatives: I’m not recommending Ivermectin – even though I know it is recommended everywhere else –because I’ve since learned this medication may present neurotoxicity long-term. Instead, check out these Ivermectin alternatives.
3. Dandelion Leaf: Dandelion Leaf Extract blocks spike proteins from attaching to cell membrane.
4. Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) or Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Chlorine dioxide neutralizes and eliminates the spikes.
Between a blocker (HCQ, Quercetin, IVM, Dandelion, etc), and a neutralizer (CDS/MMS, Ozone, NAC), I prefer a neutralizer because it eliminates the spikes rather than merely blocking it. (I suggest) alternating this with NAC (in case there is Graphene Oxide transmission). I worry that the blocked spikes will continue to circulate and reach the brain and cause all sorts of mental illnesses (Dr. Malone, Bahkdi, Tenpenny, Mikovits).
Most people prefer Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) to de-magnetize the body and NAC along with fennel and star anise teas or white pine tea. You can buy the seeds and stock up as the FDA is trying to ban some herbs and seeds.
• Chlorine dioxide neutralizes the spikes.
• NAC or Glutathione neutralizes the GO, as well as spikes to some extent.
• For protection, I will alternate use of Chlorine dioxide and NAC. That is until I know more.
Summary of the Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detoxification Protocol via David Avocado Wolfe
This is the updated Nutrition protocol to protect those who’ve been injected with spike protein, graphene oxide and mRNA. The same protocol is also useful to protect those concerned with the spike protein and graphene oxide shedding coming off those who’ve been injected.
We now have evidence of the latest injections containing: mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, SM-102, and numerous other potentially toxic substances. Also, some – but not all – injections appear to be higher in graphene oxide and some appear to be saline placebos.
We also have evidence that this protocol works as we are compiling the testimonials of numerous people who were hospitalized or injured after injection and have recovered.
If you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this Nutrition Protocol:
• Coated Silver (1-6 drops per day, depending on degree of exposure) (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the spike protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly).
• NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body) Dosage: 1200-2400 mg per day on an empty stomach. NAC is recommended to detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. NAC is tough to find after the FDA recently made it illegal to purchase over the counter in the USA.
• Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
• Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)
• Lypospheric Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
• Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
• Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better. Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.
• PQQ* (20-40 mg per day)
Shikimate Main Sources:
• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: These are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid (which is known to neutralize the spike protein)
• C60 (1-3 droppersfull per day): One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product* is made by yours truly and the C60 SuperConcentrate* is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons. C60 is recommended to neutralize spike protein, detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102.
• Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day): Charcoal is the pre-eminent detoxifier and when taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a blood purification process known as “interstitial dialysis”. Our Kohlbitr* product is the premier activated coconut charcoal in the world and we also now offer the more gentle birch charcoal.*
• Citrus fruit (especially blood oranges, due to their high hesperidin content — hesperidin is a chalcone like quercetin that deactivates spike protein)
• Peppermint (very high in hesperidin)
Superherbs to help disable spike protein:
• Schizandra Berry* (high in shikimate)
• Triphala formulations: In Sanskrit, the word Triphala means “three fruits”: a combination of Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) and belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica). The terminalia fruits are rich in shikimate.
• St. John’s Wort (shikimate is found throughout the entire plant and in the flowers)
• Comfrey Leaf (rich in shikimate)
Part 1
“We realized that there was a new phenomenon that for a while we tried to deny, although today it’s evident because of the millions of videos on social media, and we have been able to even measure it with devices: teslameters, magnetometers, etc.
I am referring to the magnetic or pseudo-magnetic phenomenon that people acquire after inoculation.
A magnetic phenomenon on the one hand, but also one that turns inoculated people into superconductors and also stores energy that can be measured with a multimeter in certain parts, such as the forehead, for example.
So from there we started to look for what kind of materials or, better said, nanomaterials can cause those kinds of properties inside the body and we came up with some of the candidates. One of them initially was graphene.
Graphene inside the body acquires magnetic properties and is a superconductor. It serves for energy storage and condensation and was a strong candidate.
Without yet having any knowledge of what was inside the vial, we realized that the industry or rather the stock market of the graphene industry had high uptrend peaks just as the COVID-19 vaccination campaign was starting at the beginning of the year, late December and early January. But also, quite curious, during the flu vaccination campaign.
When we have seen the possibilities that graphene has, or rather, that graphene oxide nanoparticles have inside the body when it comes to neuromodulation and when it comes to picking up neuronal electrophysiological effects for brain mapping, we have realized the possibility that graphene is being injected.
Can graphene be injected? Yes. Graphene can be injected.
And, in fact, some scientific papers have already raised the possibility that it could be used as a nanoadjuvant in vaccines. With that hypothesis of suspicion, we did what anyone could have done and what I also recommend that you can do if you have access to a vial.
Graphene Oxide found in the “vaccine”
We had access to a sealed vial from Pfizer, and by means of a request for services to a university, specifically in my name, it was sent for an analysis of the vial, where we were looking for the material in question: graphene.
After some time of investigation by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, Doctor in Chemical Sciences, Bachelor in Biological Sciences and member of the University of Almeria, we obtained this preliminary report where we are told that there is indeed solid evidence of graphene oxide in the sample and that it is also the main component of what they wrongly called a vaccine.
From here we began to study the toxicity or cytotoxicity that graphene oxide has on the body.
Pay attention to this finding:
• Graphene oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, thrombi.
• Graphene oxide inside the body causes blood clotting.
• Graphene oxide inside the body causes post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations.
• Graphene oxide inside the body when it is above the levels of glutathione —which is the body’s natural reserve of antioxidants—, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and cytokine storm.
• Inhaled graphene oxide spreads evenly throughout the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias.
• Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus loss of taste and smell, possible loss of taste and smell: anosmia.
• In short, graphene oxide behaves exactly like the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official version, generating the same symptomatology of severe COVID-19.
• When installed at the neuronal level, it causes neurodegeneration or, in other words, neurological COVID-19.
So, from here we started to see what possible compounds, drugs and treatments could degrade graphene oxide.
What can you do if you got the COVID-19 injection?
And look what we found: N-acetylcysteine (NAC) or glutathione administered degrade it. Because what glutathione does is counteract free radicals and oxidants, all the toxins that can enter the body.
And we discovered that there were about 300 clinical studies where certain hospitals and certain universities were using N-acetylcysteine with incredible results.
For example, 100 patients with saturation levels below 50% practically dead —bluntly speaking—, with bilateral pneumonias, within an hour of intravenous glutathione or N-acetylcysteine administration they made it.
They were taken off ventilators and everything. We now fully understand why those treatments worked: because they addressed all the symptoms of the disease supposedly caused by SARS-CoV-2.
Given that to date there is no scientific evidence of an actual sequencing and isolation of SARS-CoV-2, we suspect with many credible indications that COVID-19 disease is actually the side effect of the introduction of graphene oxide into the body by different ways.
Graphene oxide is also found in MASKS, TEST SWABS, HYDROGELS AND CHEM TRAILS
And I say ‘different ways’ because, although they were withdrawn at the time, masks containing graphene oxide nanoparticles have been introduced and are still being marketed.
These masks have been introduced and are still being marketed by companies such as Nanografi, so we have masks with graphene oxide, but also graphene oxide nanoparticles introduced in PCR tests; graphene oxide is also present in antigen tests; hydrogels also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles; intranasal vaccines also, since graphene oxide in aerosols is more potent, as is the supposed SARS-CoV-2.
Intranasal vaccines are also prepared, for example, by Turkey. They are made by Nanografi for COVID-19 and influenza.
We know that, naturally, graphene oxide is eliminated by the levels of glutathione in the body, and that is why we suspect that they propose a second, third and even fourth dose every so often: so that you have your considerable dose of graphene oxide.
In short, we are talking about the simultaneous and gradual mass poisoning of the entire world population.
That is why treatments with glutathione have worked, and that is why treatments with N-acetylcysteine, which is a precursor of glutathione. Because they work providing the army with antioxidant reserves to deal with a toxic substance, a poisoning, that has been introduced into the body by different ways.
‘In a companion study published in Nanoscale, it was shown that GO is degraded in NETs (aka neutrophil extracellular traps, much like bacteria and other pathogens.’ (NETs are released by neutrophils, the most common type of white blood cell specialized in combating infections.)
Taken together, these studies show that GO can be trapped and degraded in NETs just like pathogens.
I want to tell you that we have published in our website at least 70 studies that reflect everything we are saying and manifesting here.
Chlorine Dioxide is also beneficial
On the other hand, I have been asked about the efficacy of chlorine dioxide. That goes another way.
What it does is to oxygenate the cell, it prepares it so that it is not easily destroyed by this toxicant.
What glutathione would do is to provide the army with more numbers of soldiers in terms of glutathione to deal with toxins.
What we have found, as I say, is that most of the treatments that have been with N-acetylcysteine or glutathione and even with other antioxidants such as astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant, have been very favorable treatments for the patients.
FDA seeks to ban NAC even though it helps protect against spike proteins in Covid injections? Why?
And also, curiously and suspiciously, found that these health institutions are literally governed by evil; it is a psychopathy without previous history: we had never seen the history of such psychopathy.
By June 17 that the FDA tried to stop the marketing of N-acetylcysteine after it had been used for 57 years as a normal and ordinary mococcolytic. It was a very suspicious thing to do, wasn’t it?
So this is basically my exposition.
Any doubts that you may have about the studies that we have carried out at La Quinta Columna, well, there is simply something that is very conclusive, and that is the preliminary report of a renowned professor of a public university here in Spain.
We are very close to providing complementary evidence to give more strength to this report in which we are already told that there is solid and proven evidence that there is graphene oxide in the sample that we sent.
Simply, for Colonel Tamayo and Judge Giorgianni: regardless of the fact that we obviously think that SARS-CoV-2 is precisely graphene oxide —and we can prove it— or at least it behaves exactly and exhaustively the same, how is it possible that graphene oxide is injected through the vials?
How is it possible if the masks were really withdrawn because they caused pulmonary affections due to toxicity? What are we talking about, gentlemen?
Here I have tried to make the exposition as synthesized as possible so any doubt that may be generated by the manifestation that I have given here can be clarified throughout the time left we have.”—Ricardo Delgado

What can you do to protect yourself before the next “flu” season arrives?

Please see Part 2 here to learn more about the Graphene Oxide and 5G connection. For a recommended nutrition protocol for people who received the “Covid” injection, see Part 3.

Part 2
How is graphene oxide entering the body?
RD: “The masks that are being used and marketed contain graphene oxide. These are not only the ones that were removed from the market, as pointed out by the media. The swabs, used in both PCR and antigen tests, also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles. The various Covid vaccines – AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Johnson & Johnson, etc. – also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles.
This is the result of an analysis by electron-microscopy and spectroscopy, amongst other techniques used by various public universities in our country.
The flu vaccine contains nanoparticles of graphene oxide. And the new flu vaccines, as well as the supposedly, intranasal Covid vaccines, that they are preparing all contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles.”
How does graphene oxide harm the body?
• Graphene oxide is a toxic that causes thrombosis in the body and blood clots.
• Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system by throwing off the oxidative balance in relation to the glutathione reserves.
• If the dose of graphene oxide is high enough, by any route of administration, it causes the lapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.
• Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs generates bilateral pneumonia via uniform dissemination in the pulmonary alveolar tract.
• Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste in the mouth.
Perhaps this is starting to make sense to you.
• Inhalation of graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes – and this, the loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.
How does graphene oxide cause magnetism in the body?
Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the body.
This is the explanation for the magnetic phenomenon that billions of people around the world have already experienced after various routes of administration of graphene oxide.
Among them being the vaccine.
In short, graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new coronavirus that caused the disease known as COVID-19.
Did you know? Covid has never been isolated – here’s why.
This is the real reason why we never had real isolation and purification of a new coronavirus, as recognized by most health institutions at the highest level and in different countries when they were questioned about it.
COVID-19 disease is the result of introducing graphene oxide by various routed of administration.
Graphene oxide is extremely potent and strong in aerosols, as is the alleged SARS-CoV2.
Like any material, graphene oxide has what we call an electronic absorption band.
This means that if it absorbs a certain frequency that excites and oxidizes this material very rapidly, thus acting as a free radical as this toxicant proliferates in the body – and using up our natural antioxidant, glutathione reserves.

“Covid-19” & 5G Electromagnetic Frequencies
Precisely, this frequency band is emitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology.
That is why the deployment of these antennas never stopped during the pandemic.
In fact, they were among the few services that were maintained, escaping special surveillance by the State Security Forces.
We suspect that in the 2019 anti-flu campaign, graphene oxide was introduced in the flu vials, since it was already used as an adjuvant.
With subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, COVID-19 disease developed in interaction with the external electromagnetic fields and graphene oxide now in their bodies.
Remember, that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot city in the world for the 5G technology trial in late November 2019.
There’s a coincidence in space and time.
Both the pangolin and bat soup version were simply distracting elements.
But the purpose of the introduction of graphene oxide is even more obscure than you might imagine. Therefore, it is more than enough for you to assimilate this information and “reset” the knowledge you had of the disease up to now.

Crimes Against Humanity
From the highest governmental institutions telling the population to protect themselves and even forcing them to take that which will potentially make them sick with the disease.
Logically, now that we know the cause or etiological agent of the disease is precisely a toxic chemical and not a biological agent, we know how to attenuate it by increasing glutathione levels.
Why individuals who got the injection must take glutathione and NAC
Glutathione is the natural antioxidant that is stored up in the body.
A few details will help to fully understand everything that was poured out by the media.
Glutathione is extremely high in children. Therefore, the disease has hardly any impact on the child population.
Glutathione drops considerably after 65 years of age. And that’s why COVID-19 is especially prevalent in older populations.
Glutathione levels are very high levels in the athletic population. This is why only .22% of athletes had the disease.
You will now understand why countless studies have shown that treatment with NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients.
Plain and simple, because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide, the discovery made here by La Quinta Columna is about a full-fledged attack of State bioterrorism, or at least, involving the complicity of governments to the entire world population, now constituting crimes against humanity.
It is therefore absolutely essential and vital that you make this information available to your medical community.
General practitioners, nurses and health services in general, but also local and regional media and press, as well as everyone around you.
(Note: all people who now have graphene oxide in their body will be impacted the most when the government has fully switched on the new and upcoming 5G technology.)
Bear in mind, that now it is not only the elderly in nursing homes who have been vaccinated with that flu vaccine containing graphene oxide, but as you know, a large part of the population has been vaccinated or graphenated, with gradual doses of graphene oxide.
The body has a natural capacity to eliminate this toxicant, which is why they propose to give to you up to three doses per year for the upcoming years, in order to keep the graphene in your bodies.
We have all of the evidence regarding what has been said here.
And before justice takes place, if it does eventually take place, people will continue to be pushed off a cliff.
For more info, visit or join us on Telegram where hundreds of people are aware of the truth and not part of the massive deception.
According to Ralph Fucetola, JD, “When the American Colonies declared their independence as Sovereign States, in July, 1776, they each adopted the Laws of England as the Common Law of the State. Among the Laws of England so adopted is the Herbalist’s Charter, an Act of Henry the Eighth (in the Eighth Year of his reign). It is astonishing to note that many of the issues confronting alternative practitioners today are the same issues which the Act of Parliament addressed. In the Sixteenth Century, as in the Twentieth Century, licensed physicians and surgeons were going to Court to ban the activities of the alternative practitioners of their day, the herbalists. Parliament ordered an end to this misuse of the Courts to enforce licensure, protecting the nutritionists from “suit, vexation, trouble, penalty, or loss of their goods…” This ancient Act of Parliament applied to England and the King’s “other dominions” including, of course, the American Colonies, and later, States. This Act has never been repealed, and thus remains part of our Common Law to this day, offering protection to alternative practitioners, “at all Time from henceforth…” as a perpetual Charter of Rights.”
This Charter is referenced on PubMedCentral at:

The text of the Charter reads:

Herbalist’s Charter of Henry the VIII, 1543 A.D.

“An Act that Persons, Being No Common Surgeons, May Administer Outward Medicines”
“Where in the Parliament holden at Westminster in the third Year of the King’s most gracious Reign, amongst other Things, for the avoiding of Sorceries, Witchcrafts and other Inconveniences, it was enacted, that no Person within the City of London, nor within Seven Miles of the same, should take upon him to exercise and occupy as Physician or Surgeon, except he be first examined, approved, and admitted by the Bishop of London and other, under and upon certain Pains and Penalties in the same Act mentioned;
“Sithence the making of which said Act, the Company and Fellowship of Surgeons of London, minding only their own Lucres and nothing the Profit or ease of the Diseased or Patient, have sued, troubled and vexed divers honest Persons, as well as Men and Women, whom God hath endued with the Knowledge of the Nature, Kind and Operation of certain Herbs, Roots and Waters, and the using and ministering of them to such as been pained with customable Diseases, as Women’s Breasts beings sore, a Pin and the Web in the Eye, Uncomis of Hands, Burnings, Scaldings, Sore Mouths, the Stone, Strangury, Saucelim and Morphew, and such other like Diseases; and yet the said Persons have not taken anything for their Pains or Cunning, but have ministered the same to poor People only for Neighborhood and God’s sake, and of Pity and Charity:
“And it is now well known that the Surgeons admitted will do no Cure to any Person but where they shall be rewarded with a greater Sum or Reward that the Cure extendeth unto; for in the case they would minister the Cunning unto sore People unrewarded, there should not so many rot and perish to death for Lack or Help of Surgery as daily do; but the greatest part of Surgeons admitted been much more to be blamed than those Persons that they troubled, for although the most Part of the Persons of the said Craft of Surgeons have small Cunning yet they will take great sums of Money, and do little therefore, and by Reason thereof they do oftentimes impair and hurt their Patients, rather than do them good.
“In consideration whereof, and for the Ease, Comfort, Succour, Help, Relief and Health of the King’s poor Subjects, Inhabitants of this Realm, now pained or diseased:
“Be it ordained, established and enacted, by Authority of this present Parliament, That at all Time from henceforth it shall be lawful to every Person being the King’s subject, having Knowledge and Experience of the Nature of Herbs, Roots and Waters, or of the Operation of the same, by Speculation or Practice, within any part of the Realm of England, or within any other the King’s Dominions, to practice, use and minister in and to any outward Sore, Uncome Wound, Aposelmations, outward Swelling or Disease, any Herb or Herbs, Ointments, Baths, Pultess, and Emplaisters, according to their Cunning, Experience and Knowledge in any of the Diseases, Sorea and Maladies beforesaid, and all other like to the same, or Drinks for the Stone, Strangury or Agues, without suit, vexation, trouble, penalty or loss of their goods;
“The foresaid Statute in the foresaid Third Year of the King’s most gracious Reign, or any other Act, Ordinance or Statues the contrary heretofore made in anywise, not withstanding.”
Know your Rights or you will not know what is being pillaged from you by others and your own “government”.