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What can I do to help save Skagit County?

The question is resounding daily in the minds of free spirits, common sense believing residents, What is Going On? Why does it look like our county is racing toward a cliff? What happened to the Constitution? What will happen to my children and grandchildren’s freedom?
Here are a few steps, when made by a few people, built our Republic, Grew our Republic, and will Keep our Republic!
1. Run For Office
2. Get Informed
a. Watch this 60 second Liberty Video.
b. Get a Free copy of the Constitution. (Available at every Skagit Peers Meeting)
c. Tell others to learn their rights.
3. Support Freedom Loving Candidates
4. Contact Your Representatives

5. Take A Stand
6. Educate Others
7. Support Freedom Loving Businesses
8. Hold Officials Accountable

 Our founding and unalienable rights come from our Creator.

·        Our Constitution, Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights guarantees our RIGHTS.
·        Our Republic is facing Danger because false history or no history is being taught in school.
Demented Sociological forces have shaped our beliefs from kindergarten to college.
Most presidents since Reagan have disregarded our constitution and have violated their oath of office.

Fifty-six Men set the course of our Republic out of 9 million Colony residents. Their plan and the constitution created the greatest civilization the planet has ever seen. It is up to our actions that can lead to the restoration of our rights.

Skagit Peers Meets Every other Tuesday